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Full Form Of NGO

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What is NGO? NGO Ful Form

An NGO is a non-profit group. One who acts independently of any government i.e. one who is not controlled by the government

NGOs, sometimes called civil society or civil society, are organized at community, national and international levels to serve social or political goals, such as humanitarian causes or the environment. NGOs or NGOs play a major role in international development, aid, and philanthropy. NGO Ful Form

Non-governmental organizations are by definition non-profits. But they can run a budget of millions or even billions of dollars each year. NGOs or NGOs depend on a variety of sources for funding, from private donations and membership dues to government contributions.

There are various definitions of an NGO, but the term is generally used to include non-profit private organizations. Those who work outside the control of the government. Some NGOs mainly depend on volunteers. While others are dependent on salaried employees. The World Bank identifies two groups of NGOs –

  • Operational NGO → These types of NGOs focus on the design and implementation of development projects.
  • Advocacy NGOs → These types of NGOs defend or promote a specific cause or prosecution and influence public policy.

Some NGOs may come under both categories simultaneously. such as NGOs that support human rights, advocate for better health, or encourage political participation

NGO Full Form

Full Form of NGO Non-Government Organization

History of NGO

According to an estimate, today there are about 40 thousand international level NGOs working all over the world. The number of national-level NGOs in different countries is in lakhs. There are around 10 to 20 lakh NGOs in India.

The history of NGOs is very old. Rotary International was the first international NGO in the year 1905. By 1914, about 1083 NGOs have been established.

These were particularly associated with anti-colonialism, women’s suffrage, etc. The NGO system became more popular after the establishment of the United Nations in 1945.

World NGO Day is celebrated every year on 27 February. It was officially announced to celebrate this day on 17 April 2010.

Funding of non-governmental organizations. NGO Ful Form

As non-profits, NGOs depend on various sources for funding, such as –

1- Membership Dues

2 – Private donation

3 – Sale of goods and services

4 – Grant

Despite their independence from governments, some NGOs rely heavily on government funding. Large NGOs can have budgets in the millions or even billions of dollars.

Types of NGOs

NGOs can be classified into different types based on various factors such as orientation or level of cooperation. According to the level of cooperation, NGOs can be divided into community-based organizations i.e. community-based organizations. E.g. Citywide organizations, National NGOs, and International NGOs

Following are some of the famous words used for NGO. On the basis of which the classification of NGOs is done

Bingo: Its full form is Business Friendly International NGO.

CSO: The full form of CSO is Civil Society Organization.

Dongo: Its full form is Donor Organized NGO.

ENGO: ENGO stands for Environmental NGO. They focus their attention on the environment.

CITS: It is a one-of-a-kind NGO basically dedicated to helping the scientific community by motivating young talents to R&D.

GONGO: These are government-run NGOs. Its full form is a government-run NGO.

INGO: These are NGOs of international type. Its full form is International NGO.

QUANGO: Its full form is Semi-autonomous NGO. Examples of this are semi-autonomous NGOs such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Tango: Its full form is Technical Assistance NGO.

GSO: It means Grassroots Support Organization.

MANGO: It means Market Advocacy NGO.

CHARDS: Its full form is Community Health and Rural Development Society.

How to form NGO? NGO Ful Form

So now we will know how to form an NGO, if you want to form an NGO then you have to understand all its rules, different states have different rules.

To work in an NGO, you have to make a membership, 7 members are needed to form an NGO.

First, you decide its goal, purpose, then decide its president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, advisory member, etc. members, then form an NGO.

Before starting this you have to know the problems of the people, accordingly, your NGO can work in the society.

You create a group in which people have a better working strategy, financial management, human resources, and networking can be properly handled.

Required documents for NGO Care.

If you are registering an NGO then you must have this document.

  1. Trust Deed / Memorandum of Association
  2. Rules and Regulations/Memorandum
  3. Articles of Association Regulation
  4. Affidavit from the President
  5. ID Proof (Voter ID / Aadhar Card)
  6. Residence Proof
  7. Address Proof of Registered Office
  8. Passport (Mandatory)

If you are going to start an NGO then you will need all these documents.

Along with this, if you want to open a bank account in the name of an NGO, then you will need a PAN card, a bank account is required at the time of donation.

How to register an NGO?

If you want to start an NGO in India, then these are the 3 ways, you can open an NGO any of the ways.

Trust Act: These are in different states of India, but this is not a trust act, so the 1882 trust act applies, according to this rule, it is necessary to have at least 2 trustees.

Society Act: Through this act, the NGO is registered as a society. But in some states like Maharashtra, the NGO is registered as a trustee like the Societies Act.

Companies Act: To register as such, an NGO needs a Memorandum and Articles of Association and a regulation document.

No stamp paper is required for making all these documents, only 3 members are required. You can start an NGO through these 3 acts.

Following are the names of the most popular NGOs in India such as:-

  • Child Rights and You (CRY)
  • Give Foundation
  • voice, one effort
  • HelpAge India
  • Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF)
  • KC Mahindra Education Trust (Little Kali)
  • Lepra India
  • Pratham Education Foundation
  • Samman Foundation
  • Smile Foundation
  • Udaan Welfare Foundation
  • Deepalaya

Conclusion: NGO Ful Form

In the coming days, we get to know through the news about the donations made by many famous people.

Many people make small donations out of their own pleasure, but many organizations work to do their part. But despite knowing about them, not everyone knows popular NGOs in India, what is NGO, What is the full form of NGO?.

Here we have also given the names of many such organizations which collect funds for the people in this way. After this, she helps needy people.

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