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Friends, do you also want to be a part of our Indian Navy, Air Force, or Army. If yes, then this post of ours today is just for you. Yes, friends, you can become a part of our army by becoming an NCC cadet. NCC is mainly started for school and college students. So that the feeling of patriotic unity is awakened in them. The candidates who take admission in NCC are trained by our Navy, Air Force, and Army. So if you also want to know about NCC then read our today’s post till the end, here we will give you the NCC full form, what is NCC, what is the full form of NCC, NCC eligibility, NCC rules, how to join NCC, NCC Rank, History of NCC, NCC Benefits, NCC Certificate, etc. will give detailed information about NCC Full Form.

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Full Form Of NCC

NCC Full Form

Full Form of NCC – National Cadet Corps

In NCC, ‘N’ means National, ’C’ means Cadet, and Last, ‘C’ means Corps which we call National Cadet Corps.

These three words seem very small to us, but let us tell you that these 3 small words have great importance in the country. Today there are more than 15 lakh trained NCC members in India who can help the country when needed.

What is NCC ? Full Form Of NCC

NCC is a cadet corps through which military training is imparted to school college students so that they can serve the nation when needed.

NCC was established in 1948 after independence in India. Its headquarter is located inside the capital of India, Delhi. NCC is a military training that gives initial training to the youth to join the country’s army and the student doing NCC is also given some relaxation while joining the army. Because NCC students have already taken some army training.

The NCC was first established in Germany to recruit wartime youth into the army. After which most of the countries of the world also started giving this training so that discipline, patriotism, and enthusiasm could be infused among the youth.

History of NCC NCC Full Form

The NCC in India was created with the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. This happened on 16 July 1948. The origin of the NCC can be traced to the ‘University Corps’, which was created under the Indian Defense Act 1917. Opposition to fill the shortage of army

The Indian Territorial Act was passed in 1920, replacing the ‘University Corps’ with the UTC.

The aim was to elevate the status of UTC and make it more attractive to youth. UTC officers and cadets had to dress like the military.

This was an important step towards the Indianisation of the armed forces. The National Cadet Corps was established in 1942 by the British Government, which can be considered as the successor of the University Officers Training Corps.

Its name was changed to (UOTC). During World War II, (UOTC) did not live up to the expectations set by the British.

This can better train more youth, the committee headed by Pandit Hemvati Kunzru recommended setting up a cadet organization in schools and colleges at the national level. The NCC Act was accepted by the Governor-General and the NCC came into existence on 16 July 1948.

How to join NCC?

All the members of NCC are students of some college or school. Through which the teachers of that college or school can be contacted, for which the form is also to be filled.

After this, the training class of NCC starts. If you have an NCC course in your school or college then you can join NCC in any school or college near you.

NCC is divided into two divisions, the first junior division, second senior division. Any of these divisions have to be added according to age and category.

NCC Age Limit NCC Full Form

Friends, before knowing the age limit for NCC, you need to understand its division/wing.

  • NCC boys’ group is called division and girls’ group is called a wing. They are divided into two categories, Senior and Junior.
  • The age limit for NCC Junior has been kept from 12 to 18.5 years. If you look class-wise, the students up to 10th class come in the junior category.
  • For NCC Senior students above the 10th class, the age limit for this is a maximum of 26 years.
  • Apart from this, you must be a student of any school or college.
  • Only those people who are physically fit can join NCC.

What is the minimum height required for admission to NCC? NCC Full Form

For admission in NCC, the height of men should be at least 157.5 cms. On the other hand, if we talk about women, then the height should be at least 152 centimeters.

NCC Eligibility NCC Full Form

To be admitted to NCC, the candidate must have certain qualifications, only after which the candidate is admitted to the NCC. Today we know about NCC Eligibility.

  1. To be recruited under NCC, the first qualification candidate must be an Indian.
  2. Only those students can participate in NCC, who have admission to any school or college, study in any institute, or are pursuing their degree.
  3. The health of the NCC cadet is most important because the physical examination of the student joining the NCC is done.

NCC Rules NCC Full Form

NCC candidates are divided into 2 divisions based on training –

  • First Division
  • Second Division

We all know that inside the army you have to follow the rules very strictly, here discipline is given the most importance, similarly, inside the NCC you have to follow the same rules as the army, so let’s know. What are the rules of NCC?

  1. After joining NCC you have to be punctual because time is given the most important here.
  2. After this you have to be disciplined inside NCC, here you have to obey every single thing of your senior.
  3. There is also a rule inside NCC that no cadet will lie. If anyone is found to be lying, he is also punished severely.

In this way, many such rules have been made inside NCC, which are followed by every NCC student so that he can come out as a good NCC cadet.

Benefits of NCC Certificates

Now let’s talk about the NCC certificate. From time to time NCC cadets are given certain certificates which are named A, B and C. Understand on what basis they are given.

NCC Certificate A – This is awarded to the students of the Junior Division and requires two years of NCC training.

NCC Certificate B- It is awarded to the students of the Senior Division. For this also two years of training is necessary.

NCC Certificate C – This is also for Senior Division students. This requires three years of training.

Conclusion: NCC Full Form

In today’s article, we tell you about the NCC Full Form. If you want any kind of information related to NCC then what is NCC, what is the full form of NCC, NCC eligibility, NCC rules, how to join NCC, NCC rank, history of NCC, NCC benefits, NCC certificate, etc.

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