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Full Form Of Love: Love is a complete word in itself. It is not an abbreviation of any kind, so there is no standard full form of LOVE. Love means love. Love is one of the best feelings in human life, so people keep making many full forms of the word LOVE in their way to express their feelings.

Full form of Love

In this article, we will tell you about several popular love names on the internet. In this post, you will also get information about what is love, the full form of LOVE, synonyms of love, funny full form of love, I love you full form, Funny I love you full form, etc.

what is love? 

Love is the most pleasurable and pleasurable feeling expressed by man. Love is a kind of feeling in which we feel a deep attachment to a person or thing. The experience of love is beyond limits, it can be for any person, object, animal, place.

But, the feeling of love is different in different situations. Your love for an object or animal may be different from the love you have for your parents. Brother-sister love and husband-wife or boy-girl love can be of many types.

To put or define love in words is like reducing the importance of love. But, to make you understand the literal meaning of love, here we are telling you the definition of love.

According to Wikipedia: Love is a strong and positive emotion and mental state that is the most sublime quality, the deepest mutual affection, or the simplest pleasure. Love generally shows an intense attraction or emotional attachment.

The definition of love given above includes only literal meanings, the meaning of love can be different for any person

Full Form of Love

As we mentioned above that there is no standard full form of love but many of its full forms are popular on the internet and social media. Below we are telling here some of the most popular love full form.

Love Full Form:

L: long-lasting

O: original

V: Valuable

E: emotion

Apart from this, there are many other forms and full forms of LOVE, the meaning of love in Greek is as follows –

  • Storage – Natural Affection
  • Eros – Sexual or Erotica
  • Ludus – Flirting
  • Philia – Friendship
  • Agape – Unconditional or Divine Love
  • Philautia – Self Love
  • Pragma – Committed Married Love

1. Full Form of Love:

L – Life’s

O – Only

V – Valuable

E – Emotion

2. Full Form of Love:

L – Long Lasting

O – Original

V – Valuable

E – Emotion

3. Full Form of Love:

L – Lack

O – Of

V – Valuable


4. Full Form of Love:

L – Land of Sorrow

O – Ocean of Tears

V – Valley of Death

E – End of Life

5. Full Form of Love:

L – Loss

O – Of

V – Valuable

E – Energy

6. Full Form of Love:

L – Life

O – Of

V – Very

E – Emotional Person

Types of Love

People have defined love in their way, whoever loved said that kind of love!

The society also said a lot about love, because love has a very deep effect on society!

So let us tell you about love, whatever myths are prevalent in society and country, or how they are classified-

1 – Love is blind – People say that love is blind because those who love don’t care about the evils in society! Nor the rules made by the society, that’s why society has said that love is blind!

There is a saying, “Love doesn’t see family, hunger doesn’t see rice!” Love is the only way to create a new place for yourself by rising above all castes, religions, boundaries, distances, even gender discrimination!

2- There are crazy people – people call those who love crazy because they think about him all the time! who loves! But we believe that crazy is not crazy! He is a seeker! Those who are always engaged in the spiritual practice and worship of their true love, worship them.

3 – True love, false love- Love is always based on trust, if in love where trust shakes, then you keep saying a million times that love is love but the meaning of I love also turns out to be wrong!

Whose love has achieved its destination, his love is true, but not achieving the goal becomes a sign of false love!

Synonyms of love

The one who loves you can talk to you in any language but you will understand the way he says it!

Although love has many names, which is a popular name! We are telling them here as synonyms of love:-

  1. love
  2. Affection
  3. Maintenance
  4. Desire
  5. Desire
  6. Annex

I love you meaning

English word I love you If someone talks to you, it means that he loves you!

And there are many forms of love like a mother loves her son, a father loves his daughter, and all the relationships in the world, they like to join!

Because without love a relationship can’t last, love is the link that holds the relationship together! And the day this link breaks, the same relationship becomes a burden from that day!

According to us, the whole meaning of love is to treat everyone as sweetly as you can! Try to share the love!

Funny Full form of Love?

Friends, here we already know about the 6 full forms of love but now we will know what is the full form of love, funny.

Many people want to know the Funny full form of love, so let’s take it today!

1. Funny Full form of Love:-

  • L:- Lost of Money 
  • O:- Out of Mind 
  • V:- Vest of Time 
  • E:- End of Life 


2. Funny Full form of Love:-

  • L:- Lion 
  • O:- Off 
  • V:- Valley 
  • E:- Emotion

3. Funny Full form of Love:-

  • L:- Lose of Night 
  • O:- Out of World 
  • V:- Vest of Time 
  • E:- Eatable Monster 

Others full form Love

Friends, apart from all the LOVE Long Form given above, there are many other Full-Form names about which you can see here.

LOVE full form:- 

  • L:- Linguistics 
  • O:- Of 
  • V:- Visible 
  • E:- English

LOVE full form:- 

  • L:- Lashings 
  • O:- Of 
  • V:- Violent 
  • E:- Exercise 

LOVE full form:- 

  • L:- Less 
  • O:- Open 
  • V :- Very 
  • E:- Easy 

LOVE full form:- 

  • L:- Look 
  • O:- Verify 
  • V:- Observe 
  • E:- Enjoy 

LOVE full form:- 

  • L:- Listen to Each other 
  • O:- Open your Heart 
  • V:- Value your Heart 
  • E:- Express your Feeling 

LOVE full form:- 

  • L:- Laughter 
  • O:- Optimism 
  • V:- Value 
  • E:- Eternity 

What is the full form of I love you?

Here we learned about love full form and love meaning but you must have thought that since so many days only love is being talked about but the full form of I love you has not been told yet. !

Friends, there is no such thing, but I want to make one thing clear here that both love full form and I love you full form are same, how do they understand it.

Friends, I Love You does not have any Full Form of I, and the word You also does not have any Full-Form but only Love has a Full Form, which has already been mentioned here.

Here the full form of LOVE has already been told, it means that you can understand that the full form of I love you has also been mentioned because I and You have no full form. I love you only has the full form of love, it has already been told.

Friends, I hope that you must have come to know about what I want to explain to you about I love you full form here.

What Is The Meaning of I Love You?

Friends, here we have learned about the definition of love, so now we know what is the meaning of I love you.

Friends, here we understand about I love you meaning;

  • I:- I
  • love:- love
  • You:- you

Here you must have understood about your I love you meaning, if you have not understood yet, then it does not matter, here is what you can see

  • I love you meaning:- “I love you”.

Friends I love you means “I love you” but it is said in four ways.

  • I love you mean;
  1. I love you.
  2. I love you.
  3. I love you.
  4. I love you.


Friends, through this article, you must have come to know about the full form of love and what is love, funny full form of Love but if you want that your relatives to also know the full form of I love you then you can read this article. Do share this with your relative.

Friends, in this article, information has been given about the most used sentence in the world. I love you full form.

I hope you have liked the information given here and you must have come to know very well that what is the love definition and the full form of I LOVE YOU if I love you inside myself. If any information remains incomplete then you can comment here.


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