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Full Form Of BPO

BPO Full Form

Full Form of BPO : Business Process Outsourcing

BPO Meaning

The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing. It is a process of performing small business functions on a contract basis with a third party.

What is BPO?

That is, BPO is made up of three words business process outsourcing i.e. non-core functions of the business process have to involve in business management with the help of outsourcing to a third-party provider.
Non-core functions here mean tasks such as accounting, customer service, data entry, call centers, front office outsourcing, and human resources.

Let us understand this with an example- Let’s say there is an e-commerce business company that focuses on selling products only. But he also has to manage customer service technical support and accounting related to the product. But this company is not able to manage customer care, technical support, and accounting.

Now here she will involve a third-party provider who does the work of customer service and accounting in business management with the help of outsourcing to do both these tasks and will get this work done by paying some money. Often any big company focuses on its core business and takes the help of outsourcing for such small tasks.

Now after reading the full form of BPO, you must have understood that what is Business Process Outsourcing? Let us now get more information related to this.

Another popular full form of BPO

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  • Basic post-flight operations
  • Broker Price Opinion
  • Business Process Owner
  • Blood Program Office
  • British Post Office
  • Best possible results
  • Boost Python Object
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  • Bush Post Office
  • Business Process Offshore
  • Banque Popular Occitan
  • Business Process Object
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Beer Pong One
  • Business Private Office
  • Business Program Office
  • Basic Security Officer

Types of BPO

There are mainly three types of BPO according to outsourcing service to the business.

Onshore Outsourcing or Domestic Outsourcing:

When outsourcing services are procured by BPO services within the country, it is called onshore outsourcing or domestic outsourcing.

Nearshore Outsourcing:

Nearshore outsourcing is the acquisition of BPO services in neighboring countries.

Offshore outsourcing:

To get BPO services from the outside organization in a country other than neighboring countries, it is called offshore outsourcing.

Career Options in BPO

There are many countries in the world where BPO jobs are full of jobs and it is expanding every year. Because today every business assigns its main task to its management and gets the rest done through outsourcing – like running ads, writing reviews of your product, writing articles for the website, data entry, creating your product logo, etc.

All these small jobs make up a huge employment industry. And there is no dearth of job opportunities in this BPO industry. Provided you have some skills. There are many other skills like good typing skills, English communication skills, photo or graphics editing skills, content writing skills, coding skills. By learning which you can become a part of this BPO industry. And you can get a good salary.

You will get many job roles in this field like:-

  • Research and Analytics
  • material management
  • Operations Management
  • Data analysis
  • Legal services
  • Training & Consulting
  • Digital marketing

What should be the BPO job qualification?

  1. To get a job in BPO or call center, one should pass from streams like BCA, BA, MBA, BSc, BCom. One can also come to this field after school or college.
  2. Must have a good bit of English communication and writing skills.
  3. For a BPO job, it is necessary to have knowledge of computer basics like typing, internet, Microsoft office, etc.
  4. Candidate should have a quick learning mindset. So that he can learn new changes and new marketing trends as soon as possible.
  5. Use Your Own Mental Skills in the Interview
  6. The candidate should have the skills to communicate and communicate with the consumer or customer. So that he can understand the complaints and feedback of the consumer or client.
  7. The candidate should always follow the market updates and trends and should also focus on the need of the market.
  8. The candidate should have the ability to learn new techniques and skills coming into the market.
  9.  Overall BPO job qualification requires a person to have the ability to adapt himself to the market.

How to prepare for a BPO job interview?

BPO job interview preparation is very easy, there is no competitive exam like a government job. There is no need to give more skill tests. In this, you have to crack the short interview with some basic questions and answers. Which any student or person can easily do. Given below are some special tips, with the help of which you can crack the BPO job interview.

Build a good resume or CV for the job interview. If you do not know how to make a RESUME or CV, then you can get it made from any cyber cafe. While making a resume, it should be kept in mind that it should include the following information such as-

  • While making a CV, keep in mind that the things you are adding to the CV, you should have the skills or documents at the present time.
  • While making a CV always use the official language and use only one language, do not mix another language in it.
  • Prepare for self-introduction well in advance so that you already know which topic you have to cover while giving a self-introduction. You can take the help of youtube for self-introduction.
  • Finally, after you make your selection, enhance your learning skills or keep upgrading yourself by learning new skills.
  • The CV should not exceed two to three pages and should be presented in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Try to write as many things as possible in as few words as possible.
  • Try that the color of the cv format is black and white, avoid using colored colors.
  • Avoid falsely praising yourself in the CV. Write down the things which are true.
  • Never exaggerate your hobbies or other skills.
  • Use the language in its correct form, there should be no spelling mistake.
  • Don’t exaggerate yourself, answer as many questions as you need.
  • Somewhere BPO Interview Questions are asked in English. So you should already practice your communication and writing skills in English.
  • While going to the interview, take special care of your dressing sense and do not wear more inflammatory and more fashionable clothes. You can use semi-formal dressings.
  • Give correct contact details like Mobile number should be active, email ID should be correct and Landmark address like Near XXXX, Opposite XXXX, Other than XXXX, Landmark identification should be used while giving the address.
  • Behave and keep your confidence. Keep a small smile on your face while facing the interview.

How to Search BPO Jobs?

If you are not able to crack the interview then there is no need to be disappointed. There are many such freelancing websites on the internet, where BPO jobs are provided. There is some popular job listing sites like Monster, Naukri, Indeed, where you have to register for BPO jobs on these sites by giving you some short information and you have to submit your resume after the registration process is complete. And after that, you are contacted by the company when the job is required. Here you can also get the option of work from home, which is a good thing for domestic women and girls.

Benefits of BPO

There are advantages to outsourcing through BPO. Often big companies get the following benefits by getting their small work done with the help of this.

Experienced professional:

The company will bear the cost of recruitment and training of employees for the new job. And no firm and business do this at all, it outsources it to an established company. And employees are saved from the cost of recruitment and their training.

Effective and cost-cutting:

Through outsourcing, the company can hire good employees at a low cost. And the company gets good revenue.

Provide top jobs:

In this field, the youth get maximum job offers and also they get a good BPO salary. Due to which BPO has become the largest job-generating sector.

Stay focused on core business:

Any business is completely focused on its core business by getting its work done through outsourcing. And devotes all his hard work to the main focus of the business.


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