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Friends, in today’s post, we know what is the full form of BBA, BBA full form, what is the qualification for BBA, what is the fee of BBA, what is the subject of BBA, Where to do BBA course. Which is the top college of BBA, what to do after doing BBA, what is the job profile after BBA, what is the salary after BBA, you will know more important information related to BBA.

If you have passed 12th and you are interested in business then BBA course can be very good for you. After completing the BBA course, you will get good information about the business, let’s know some important information about the BBA course.  BBA full form

Full Form of BBA

BBA Full Form

Full Form of BBA Bachelor of Business Administration

What is BBA ? BBA full form 

Bachelor of Business Administration, is a graduation degree after 12th, after completing BBA course, the knowledge of the field of management becomes good so that you can do any business of your own and apply for it. Any job can get you a good job too. Taking a BBA course improves the communication skills of the student and inculcates the entrepreneurial quality in the student.

In the BBA curriculum, students are prepared to explore the new opportunities that arise. It involves training through practical experience in the form of interactions with experts from industry suggestions, projects, studies, presentations, etc.

How to do BBA ? And what is the qualification for BBA?

To do a BBA course, it is necessary to pass 12th with at least 50 percent marks, if a student has passed 12th with 50 percent marks from a recognized college, then he can do BBA.

You can do BBA course from any college or university. BBA is a course related to management, so wherever you want to do, get information about whether you have done BBA course or not, after that, you can apply for the form which is mainly available in the month of May-June.

There are some colleges in this which take direct admission and to take admission in any college/university one has to pass the entrance exam.

What is the Duration of the BBA Course ?

BBA course is of 3 years in which there are total 6 semesters, one semester is of 6 months.

BBA Course Fee : BBA Ka Full Form

The BBA course fee is different for all colleges and universities, around 1 lakh to 3 lakh in private colleges. If you do it from a government college or university then the fees will be less.

Subject of BBA : Full Form BBA

If you want to do a BBA course then you can choose the subject of BBA as per your interest.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Finance.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration International Business.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing.
  • Introduction to Operations Research.
  • Personnel Management and Industrial Research.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Human Resource Management.

Subject of BBA by Semester Wise: BBA full form

There are a total of 6 semesters in the BBA course. And there are many different subjects in these 6 semesters. All those who can get BBA degree only after studying and passing.

Semester – 1

  • Business English – I
  • Business Mathematics – I
  • Principles of Micro Economics
  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Elements of Management
  • Enrichment Course-I

Semester – 2

  • Business English – II
  • Principles of Macro Economics
  • Business Mathematics – II
  • Logic & Critical Thinking
  • Company Accounts
  • Introduction to Indian Society
  • Enrichment Course –II

Semester – 3

  • Introduction to Indian Business Environment
  • Introduction to Business Statistics
  • Government & Business
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Enrichment Course -III
  • Oral Communication in Business
  • Managerial Skills

Semester – 4

  • Taxation
  • Introduction to Operations Research
  • Introduction to Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • English Literature
  • Indian Business History
  • Enrichment Course –IV
  • Introduction to Environmental Management

Semester – 5

  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Business Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Indian Economy
  • Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Enrichment Course –V

Semester – 6

  • Fundamental of International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Management Information System
  • Financial Services
  • Enrichment Course –VI

What to do after doing BBA?

BBA is a management course, after which you can learn more by taking a major degree in this field. After doing BBA, if you want to do further studies then MBA is the best option for you, after doing which you can get a good job and the salary package will also be high. MBA is a master’s degree course which is of 2 years duration.

Jobs after BBA

After completing the BBA course you can apply to any government or private company.

  • Financial Organizations.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • Banks.
  • Export Companies.
  • Industrial Houses.
  • Business consultancies.
  • MNCs.
  • Business Consultancies.
  • Multinational Companies.

Job Profile after BBA

  • Finance Managers.
  • Human Resource Managers.
  • Information Systems Managers.
  • Finance Manager.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Research Analyst.
  • Production Managers.
  • Management Accountants.
  • Business Administration Researcher.
  • Marketing Managers.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • HR Manager.
  • Business Consultant.
  • Business Administration Professor.

Salary after BBA

After doing a BBA course, initially one can get a job of 15 thousand to 20 thousand, in which after some experience the salary can increase in a good company.

What are the benefits of doing BBA?

Let us know what are the benefits of doing BBA.

  • After completing the BBA course, you can easily do an MBA course, after which you can get a good job.
  • After doing BBA, you can easily do private or government jobs.
  • By doing a BBA course, the student gets to learn many corporate activities.

Top 10 BBA Colleges:

1. Christ University

2. Department of Management, JD Birla Institute

3. Presidency College

4. Symbiosis Institute, Pune

5. MCC – Madras Christian College

6.Amity University (Noida)

7. Loyola College

8. Shahid Sukhdev College of Business Studies

9. NMIMS Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, Mumbai

10. Department of Management, J.D Birla Institute (Kolkata)


Friends, today we will know about the BBA Ka Full Form, BBA course, what is BBA, what is the full form of BBAfull form of BBA, what is the qualification for BBA, what is the fee of BBA course, what is the subject of BBA , where to do BBACourse, which is the top college for BBA, what to do after doing BBA, what is job profile after BBA, what is the salary after BBA, we have to know more important information related to BBA. BBA Ka Full Form – Full Form BBA.

Hope you have completely understood all the information about what is BBA, BBA Full Form. If you have any questions related to this then you can comment in the comment box, we will try our best to answer your questions.

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